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  • 4 X 20 Rifle Scope Telescopic Sight For Air Rifles, Rifles & Crossbows

    £9.95 £7.95

    A great all purpose, inexpensive starter scope.

    Comes with 4 x view cross hair lens.

    With independent elevation and windage adjustments covered by aluminium protection screw caps.


    Strong dovetail clamps that will fit on most rifles/crossbows with standard 9 - 11mm grooved dovetail rails.

    (please measure your weapons grooves before ordering)

    The body and mounts are made of high impact aluminium.

    Plastic lens covers also included.

    All optics are 100% optical glass. (not plastic).

    Coated high power optics with 
    4x20 magnification.

    Push on lens covers.

    Strong tubular metal construction.

    Fitted with 9 - 11mm dovetail mounts.

    Length - 265mm. Weight - 100g.

    Brand new and boxed.

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