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  • Anglo Arms MK2 cocking rope for 120lb-180lb crossbows


    This new version coking rope device simplifies cocking any crossbow by decreasing the cocking tension by half.

    Two easy grip handles allow for a firm hold, whilst the new improved claws grab and hold the crossbow string.

    The rope may be adjusted to fit both the bow and user.

    Simply a must have item for the avid crossbow user.

    For use with most Crossbows of up to 180lb draw weight.

    Will fit all large crossbows including these Anglo Arms branded crossbows:

    * The Jaguar MK1 & MK2.

    * The Panther.

    * The Hornet.

    * The Cerberus short stock bow.

    For a demonstration on how to use this item please click the link below:


    * High quality two handled cocking aid.

    * Hard wearing comfort "T" handles.

    * Tough plastic string claws with brass pulleys.

    * Ideal for left or right handed shooters.

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