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  • Crossbow bolts / Archery Arrows 100% carbon fibre, will fit the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

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    A brand new set of 10 arrows/bolts precisely made in the UK to fit the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow.


    * Made from  high strength, 100% pure carbon fibre.

    * 250 spine.

    * Total length of arrow including field tip: 27.25" / 692mm.

    * Total weight of arrow including field tips: 25 grams / 385 grains.

    * 3" / 76mm Neoprene rubber flights (Not helical).

    * Fitted with 125 grain hardened steel tips.

    Each arrow is fitted with a machined aluminum beveled knock precisely made to fit the Airbows' firing system.

    I have personally tested these arrows and in my opinion they are very accurate and hard wearing.

    * Please note, this product is not made by Pioneer.

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